Guideline for Paper Submission

Paper Submission Format(English)

 This template, in MS Word .docx format, provides authors with most of the formatting specifications needed for preparing electronic versions of their papers. Several standard paper components have been specified for automatic compliance to electronic requirements that facilitate the concurrent or later production of electronic products. Margins, line spacing, and type styles are built-in; examples of the type styles are provided throughout this document. Endnotes, not Footnotes, are preferred. Abstract must be limited no longer than 200 words in English.
 Total length of each paper is not limited. All the paper submitted by September 15 will be included in the Proceedings as electric filed (PDF format).
 Please submit your paper in MS Word format (docx). Submitted files will be edited and converted into PDF by the Committee of ISSCO 2017.

Paper Submission Format(中文)

 该模板是用MS Word .docx形式作成。本会议为与会学者提供电子版的会议论文集,准备了电子版论文所需的标准格式。这是为了统一论文格式,便于论文集的顺利编辑。有关页边距,行间距,字体和结构形式等请使用此范本格式。有关注解请使用文末格式(Endnotes)。论文的字数不限,但论文摘要限于英文的200字,中文300字。
 请使用宋体(中文)小四号,Times New Romans(半角英数字),论文不限字数,如图表等数量多,请事先通知会务组。

Paper Submission Format(日本語)

 フォントはMS明朝(日本語)、Times New Romans(半句英数字)を基本とし、フォントサイズ11ポイントで執筆してください。論文の分量についてはとくに制限を設けておりませんが、ペンディスクや図表などでページ数が多くなる場合、条件によっては実行委委員会より連絡を差し上げることがあります。

Call for Papers (English)

 ISSCO Nagasaki 2017 welcomes panel proposals and individual paper and poster session proposals from members and non-members including academics, librarians and archivists, graduate students and undergraduate students. The conference will accept papers in English, Chinese as well as Japanese. Paper proposals in the case of English should include a 200-250 word abstract, a 150-word personal bio and a CV of no more than two pages with your email address and phone number included. Panel proposals should include the above as well as a panel abstract of 200-250 words. Abstracts, personal bios and CV’s should be sent in a single attachment in either Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich File (.rft) format. Name the attachment with your last name and the words “paper proposal” (for individual paper proposals) or the panel organizer’s last name and the words “panel proposal” (for panel presentations). The text should be prepared on letter/A4 size paper, single-spaced and in 12-point font. Please fill in the blank of the application form. Please email your submission to the conference website.

The conference organizers welcome paper and panel proposals on all aspects of the study of Chinese overseas. Potential themes include, but are not limited to the following:

Chinese Overseas: History and Beyond
Glocalization of Information Technology and Chinese Overseas Networks
Identity Politics and Chinese Overseas
Transformation of Chinatowns
Glocalization of Chinese Overseas Education
Language, Literature and Identity
Chinese Overseas in Changing World-Systems
Immigration Policy and Chinese Overseas
Dynamics of Chinese Associations
Localization of Chinese Overseas and their Host Societies
Political Economy of Chinese Overseas
The Politics of Chinese Overseas
Chinese Overseas and Local Economy
Studies of Chinese Overseas in Japan
Studies of Chinese Overseas: Past, Present, Future

Important Deadlines:
Deadline for Submissions: 15 November 2016 - 15 February 2017
Acceptance Notification: April 2017
Deadline for Final Paper Submission: 15 September 2017

Conference website: To be announced

Call for Papers (中文)




摘要提交・截止 2016年11月15日至2017年2月15日
录取通知 2017年4月
论文截止 2017年9月15日

Call for Papers (日本語)






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