Participant Registration, Payment and Accommodation Booking

We are fully appreciated for many submissions of research presentation to ISSCO 2017 Nagasaki Conference.

This page will introduce the process of registration of participaion, payment of conference fee, and hotel reservation. All participants and presenters should finish the processes by August 15, 2017.

The committee of ISSCO 2017 Nagasaki Conference requires all participants to go through the payment and hotel reservation simultaneously at the payment site. For any participant who need visa for immigration, please start all the procedure as soon as possible just in case the issue of visa delays.

Deadline: August 15, 2017

Note: The committee of ISSCO 2017 Nagasaki CANNOT provide any financial support for participant.

Note: Please consider the time difference. Date and Time shown on this website is JAPAN TIME (GMT+9). The deadline of registration (23:59, August 15) means “22:59 in Shanghai and Manila”, “18:59 in Dubai, 15:59 in London”, “10:00 in New York”.

1 . Registration
 Download, fill and send the form of registration(Download)to

2 . Payment of Fee
Proceed to the Payment for payment procedure。ISSCO 2017 will accept only credit card settlement.

Participation fee is 25,000JPY that is about 220USD or 1,500CNY. The fee includes lunch (Nov.18, 19), Reception(Nov.18) and SAYONARA Party (Nov.19)

  Professionals Students
Early Bird Registration 25,000 JPY 20,000 JPY
Registration July 1 to August 15 30,000 JPY 20,000 JPY

3 . Accommodation Reservation
We sincerely ask you to book your accommodation. Please select your hotel on the Payment pageHotel choices are shown below on this page.
- Nagasaki in November is the most popular season among tourists that it is not easy to secure accommodation. We strongly recommend all participants to book hotels on the registration and payment site.
- The committee has secured rooms of 10 hotels in Nagasaki city for 3 nights between November 17 to 20. If you like to stay before or after the period, please make a contact with our travel agency. (
- “Twin room” means a room with two beds, or two person. If you and your accompanied person would like to share a twin room, please select “twin”, then note the name of room partner on the registration form (excel file)
-[Addition] We added University Guesthouse option that is cheap and ONLY FOR STUDENTS. 10 single rooms (10 persons) and 4 twin rooms (8 persons) are available, but we sincerely request any professional person (lecturer, professor, officer, and so on) not to choose the guesthouse option, please.
-[Addition] We added “No hotel (booking by participant, not via the registration system)” option. The committee of ISSCO 2017 is not responsible for securing for the participants who chose this option. NO HOTEL RESEARVASION is the option ONLY for participants who can arrange and secure your accommodation.

4 . Letters and documents for visa application
Please note in the registration form (excel file) if you need documents for visa application.

5 . Excursion
The committee is preparing two excursions. Each one is one day trip to introduce historical interaction and Chinese Overseas.
Excursion No.1 is a bus trip to Hirado city in Northern Nagasaki, and No.2 is a walking tour inside Nagasaki city. Please visit the invitation page and get attracted.

6 . Cancellation Policy
The committee will accept cancellation before August 15. (You CANNOT cancel after the deadline day.) The fees will be refunded with taking off 30% of total amount of payment, however the amount of refund can be defined due to a foreign exchange fluctuation.
For any participant who wants to cancel participation, please ask the committee office []. However, it is impossible to refund after August 15 for any reason.

Download Registration Form
Go to Payment

7 . Consideration of Personal Trip after the conference
Any participant who considers personal trip in Kyushu island, please make a contact with the official travel agency. You also can learn more about Kyushu and Nagasaki as selected websites.

Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization(
Nagasaki Official Visitor Guide(
Nagasaki Airport(
8 . The Organizing Committee of ISSCO 2017 and other related organizations shall not be liable for cancellation of the conference hereunder due to causes beyond its reasonable control ("Force Majeure"), including but not limited to act of God, acts of government or governmental authorities, compliance with law, regulations or orders, and natural disaster and so on.

关于大会注册和费用支付,以及酒店预定 (中文)


ISSCO2017长崎会议的注册办法等如后。此次大会的参加者和发表者都必须在 2017年8月15日 之前,利用大会的网页办理注册,支付费用和预定酒店。




1. 注册办法

2. 参加费用

  一般 学生
事前注册(Early Bird Registration) 25,000日元 20,000日元
7月1日~8月15日 30,000日元 20,000日元

3. 预定酒店
- 11月是长崎旅游旺季,酒店预约会非常紧张。ISSCO长崎大会秘书处为诸位安排确保了几个交通方便的酒店,请诸位在此网页上预定并支付。
- 秘书处为诸位所确保的是从11月17日到20日的三晚,如有在此之前或之后多住几日的申请者,请在网页上预定好三晚酒店后,与本会的合作旅行社联系。(
- 在预定双人房时,请以一个人为单位预定,并请在申请表格中填写同住者的姓名,这样可以确保与所希望的同住者使用同一房间。

  • - [追記] 酒店的一览表中追加了长崎大学招待所(一人一晚3000日元,10个单人房,4个双人房)。此项选择只提供给学生与会者,持有职业者请勿选择。
    - [追記] 酒店的一览表中追加了「不选择酒店(自己安排)」选择此项的与会者一定要确实保证有住宿地方。ISSCO2017筹备委员会对选择这一项的与会者的住宿问题等不负任何责任。

4. 签证等所需资料

5. 学术考察

6. 关于取消参加

7. 会议结束后的旅游观光等

8. 会议举办的取消

九州观光机构 (

参加申し込み・参加費支払い、ならびに宿泊予約 (日本語)



本大会では、会議への参加登録と、期間中の長崎での宿泊先手配を本サイト上で同時におこなっていただきます。日本への渡航にあたり、ビザ取得が必要な方は、取得手続きのための招聘状(Letter of Invitation)の発行などを勘案し、申し込みならびに支払いをなるべく早めにお済ませください。



  1. 参加申し込み方法
  2.  参加申し込みフォーム(ダウンロード)にご記入のうえ、大会事務局(までご送付ください。
  3. 参加費
  4.   支払いページに進み、クレジットカード決済にて手続きをしてください。参加費は下の表に記載されています。この金額には昼食(18日、19日)、懇親会(1日)、さよならパーティー(19日)が含まれております。

      一般 学生
    事前申し込み (Early Bird Registration) 25,000円 20,000円
    7月1日以降、8月15日までの申し込み 30,000円 20,000円
  5. 宿泊予約
  6.   参加申し込みページよりお選びいただけます。宿泊先リスト上のホテルの詳細については下記ホテルリストを御覧ください。
    - 11月の長崎は観光シーズンでもあり、ホテルの予約が大変難しくなっております。ISSCO長崎事務局が確保したホテルを、このサイト上で予約および決済していただくことをお願いいたします。
    - 事務局にて確保しているのは11月17日からの3泊分ですが、それよりも前、あるいは後にも宿泊を希望される方は、サイト上で3泊の予約を確保した上で、提携する旅行代理店(に追加分の宿泊希望をご連絡ください。
    - ツインは2名一室の利用ですが、予約は一人単位で進めていただきます。申し込みフォームに同室者のお名前をお書きいただくことで、相部屋の確保が可能となります。
    - [追記] ホテルリストのなかに、長崎大学ゲストハウス観月荘(一人一泊3000円、シングル10室、ツイン4室)を追加しました。このオプションは学生参加者のために用意されたものですので、職業をお持ちの方はこのゲストハウスへの予約をご遠慮下さいますようお願いいたします。
    - [追記] ホテルリストのなかに「ホテル選択無し(自己手配)」のオプションを追加しました。ISSCO2017実行委員会は、このオプションを選択した参加者の宿泊について一切の責任を持ちません。この「ホテルを予約しない」オプションは、御自身で宿泊先を確保できる方のみお選び下さい。

  7. 招聘状などの必要書類
  8.  日本への渡航に際してビザ取得が必要な方は、申し込みフォームに「ビザ発給に必要な書類が必要である」旨をお書きください。

  9. エクスカージョンのお申し込み
  10.  学会終了後の11月20日に、2つのエクスカージョンを準備しております(有料)。いずれも一日のツアーで、1.中国ゆかりの平戸島をめぐるツアー、2.長崎市内で華僑関連の場所を歩くツアーです。概要はエクスカージョンのページをご参照ください。

  11. キャンセル・ポリシー





Hotels/Accommodations in Nagasaki

Please refer the price for your choice even though it is not yet fixed. Prices shown on this page is "for one person, per night". Hotels in Nagaski are busy especially in November because the month is good to visit for climate condition. We would ask you to register your participation and fix hotel researvation via our payment page.



Access to the conference venue from hotels


Access to the conference venue from hotels
Hotels listed and that you can book on the website are located in the city-center of Nagasaki. You can approach to the conference venue by tram, bus and taxi from whichever hotels.



Hotel New Nagasaki

Single 19,400 JPY(1 person per night)
Twin 12,100 JPY(1 person per night)

The Hotel Nagasaki BW Premier Collection

Single 18,200 JPY(1 person per night)
Twin 12,100 JPY(1 person per night)

Hotel CUORE Nagasaki Ekimae

Single 11,400 JPY(1 person per night)
Twin 8,200 JPY (1 person per night)

Nagasaki Bus Terminal Hotel

Single 9,200 JPY(1 person per night)

S-Peria Hotel Nagasaki

Single 9,700 JPY(1 person per night)
Twin 9,200 JPY (1 person per night)

Washington Hotel Nagasaki

Single 9,300 JPY(1 person per night)
Twin 7,800 JPY (1 person per night)

Nagasaki Orion Hotel

Single 9,800 JPY(1 person per night)

JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki

Single 12,600 JPY(1 person per night)
Twin 11,600 JPY(1 person per night)

Hotel New Tanda

Single 12,100 JPY(1 person per night)
Twin 9,300 JPY(1 person per night)

Hotel BELLVIEW Nagasaki Dejima

Single 9,100 JPY(1 person per night)
Twin 8,200 JPY(1 person per night)

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